Pay attention to the suitability of choosing ppe

Safety is extremely important in both the workforce and out in real life. Many workplaces, especially for tradies include public places, business, entertainment venues and our roads. pPE in not only applies to equipment to keep workers themselves safe, but you an be going about our daily lives in publically accessible places.

It’s extremely important that correct signage, barriers and similar control mechanisms are put in place. Especially when your workplace is in the middle of where people go about their daily activities.

So always take time to analyse what sort of work you’re doing, identify the risks that work poses to you and to others that may access that space
Also consider the those people bring with them their own risk to you, your work and orders.

It all starts with you, do a risk assessment no matter what you do, get the right PPE to not only protect yourself and coworkers, but others that may pose a further risk to you, themselves and others as they go about their business.

It all starts with YOU, your responsible for your work environment and the safety within it.

Get PPE appropriate to the situation. Protect yourself, protect others, and make sure everybody goes home to their families.

I work in a furniture factory some of the machines and products we work with can be extremely dangerous – down even to inhaling the dust produced.

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